Minimum Order.

The minimum order value is, R$: 600.00 if the minimum order value is not reached, the system will not let you finish the order.
Minimum Size per Cut.


How to buy wholesale!

How do I buy products from the online store? WHATSAPP 13 991670885

To make your purchase, you must have a registration on our website, if you haven't already: click LOGIN and then on CREATE ACCOUNT. Our website provides you with a safe and secure virtual environment.

Once registered, now you just have to browse the virtual store, select the products you want and complete your purchase.
I forgot my password. What should I do?

Do not worry! We can generate a new password. click FORGOT PASSWORD and follow the steps. After the request, you will shortly receive a new password in your email.
I want to change my delivery address. Where do I make this change?

To change your data, log in to the site. Then click on "ACCESS DATA" or "MY ADDRESSES". For orders already placed, it is not possible to change the delivery address.
Can I buy online and pick up at a physical store?

Yes, orders can be picked up at the physical store once the seller confirms the billing.



What are the payment methods for the online store?

You can pay your order in up to 3 interest-free installments, bank transfer and PIX with financial release.
I paid for my order via PagSeguro. How do I send proof?

If you made the payment via PagSeguro, just let the seller know that the order was approved. This way, the finance department releases your order for billing and the order is collected.



After completing the order, a seller will contact you to help with the best payment method.
Free shipping?