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Raw Cotton Fabric for Patchwork Estilotex (0.50x1.40)

The raw cotton fabric is known for its natural shape, versatility, comfort, rustic appearance and resistance. It is a durable fabric, able to withstand all climates. Ecologically correct, the raw cotton fabric does not receive any kind of chemical processing, a socially just process. There are countless reasons that encourage the conscious consumption of ecological products that generate income and communicate value.

The main uses of raw cotton fabric are in the form of clothing, handicrafts and decoration in general, due to its light texture, matte shine and warm touch. With the Flamê yarn present in the weave, the fabric becomes sophisticated and full of beauty.

Composition: 100% Cotton Width: 1.40 m Weight: 180 g / m² - 261 g / m linear

Each unit refers to a piece 50cm long by 1.40cm wide. Selecting 2 or more units the pieces will be sent in one piece.

Manufacturer: Estilotex

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