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The value refers to 1 meter long x 1.50 m wide.


To buy 1 meter, add 1 piece;

To buy 2 meters, add 2 units;

To buy 3 meters, add 3 units;

To buy 4 meters, add 4 units and so on.


The fabrics are cut into footage purchased and shipped in one piece.






Printed tricoline fabric

Composition 100% cotton
Width 1.45 m

Weight 133 g / m²


Tricoline is an ideal fabric for handicrafts. Decoration. Fashion. T-shirt shop. Children's Trousseau Sheet. Patchwork.



Do everything with tricoline!


Be creative and explore different sewing threads with the tricoline fabric. Its versatility allows you to create items for handicrafts, such as yo-yos, hygiene bags, calendar liners, doll clothes and much more. In the decoration, it can be useful in cushion covers, curtains and even to cover walls. The tricoline fabric is also very fashionable, in the manufacture of shirts, skirts and also caps or aprons.

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